Friday, May 4, 2012

The Meadow

The fawn carefully made her way through the meadow, taking care to not disturb the under growth around her.  It had rained earlier, making the ground soft.  She was thankful for that.  It allowed her to move quietly and nearly undetected toward the house.

Glancing backward she shivered inwardly.  She knew how short her time was.  If things did not go as she wanted...well...and this time her shiver was not inward.

A small face appeared in the window.  The boy.  He tilted his head in question. The house was still and quiet.  It was very early and he should not be up already.  

The fawn was now at the front stairs.  She stopped and considered the boy.

This was why she came, why she was sent.  And now that she was here, she felt confusion.  Things were not clear to her as she reluctantly made her way onto the porch.

The boy came out to meet her.  Cautiously he opened the door, his eyes wide with fear and disbelief.  The fawn crept closer until she was standing in front of the boy.  He put out his was trembling.  The fawn brought her head to meet his hand and rested fully on it.

In that moment everything stopped.

A warm glow began to grow from the fawn.  She turned her head up and their eyes met and locked.

The boy gasped.  In the fawn's eyes he saw so much.  It was like looking into pools of pain, happiness, sorrow and joy all at once.  He saw life!

The fawn stepped back breaking their bond.


I have no clue guys, so don't ask.  This was something in my head when I woke up this morning.   I normally don't remember my dreams once I've had coffee....but this one stuck.

And by stuck I mean
Like I could do nothing else until I wrote it out to this point.

My dream came with a title and plot line.  It's the most bizarre thing that I've had happen to me in years people....

So I came here to write it out rather than open Word.

It's rough and it's raw and it's exactly as I dreamt it.


  1. I won't ask. I'll just tell you that I really like it. :)

  2. Thanks love! It feels oddly religious to a weird sci-fi kind of way. And both are not my norm....