Monday, May 7, 2012

Finding Sense Where None Exists

Death is an odd thing.  I can see why people need to personify Death...there's blame.  And you need to put blame on Death sometimes....

.....because sometimes Death is just an asshole.

I felt a loss last night.  And while it may seem the loss should have been felt much earlier, there was a finality to this that wasn't expected.

The finality is the key to it I think.   There's no going back, taking back words, changing what is.  Nor do I want that...even given the chance.

I was too.

And I struggled today with those feelings, those emotions and I still have not found much sense in any of it.

Except that I know my side in things...and on my side they'll stay.

My heart breaks for the ones left behind, the young tender hearts that will grow older much too soon, the older hearts that should not be laying to rest someone younger than they are, and the friends who tried...sometimes in be there.

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